Rave Reviews for They’re Playing our Song!

“Many women struggling in a man’s world will enjoy the author’s stories about her early family life and the challenges she faced growing up. It’s fascinating to read about her path….What makes this account appealing and different from typical celebrity biographies is Sager’s honesty and forthright way of approaching her work….An enjoyable read for those who seek to understand the creative process of songwriting and the American songbook, as told by a woman.”

—Library Journal


“While sensitively chronicling her numerous ups and downs, the author is generous in her sharing of the anecdotes behind the music. The narrative is breezy and accessible, with writing that plays to the strengths of her crisp sense of humor, deep attachment to music, and resonant lust for life.”

–Kirkus Reviews


“Sager tenderly illustrates an insider’s account of life behind the music….Sager’s writing is comfortably conversational, and her stories are lovingly told.”

—Publishers Weekly


“Before Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, there was They’re Playing Our Song, Sager’s musical based on her real-life relationship with composer Marvin Hamlisch. She recounts that story and much more in this honest, heartfelt, and often humorous memoir…..Music lovers will enjoy getting to know the talent behind all those memorable songs.”




Advance Praise for They’re Playing Our Song

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is genuinely funny, and Carole’s voice – bright, self-deprecating, but fearful and searching – comes through wonderfully well.”

– Bette Midler


“This is a funny fast paced heartfelt book by an accomplished glamorous woman who openly shares her journey with us.”

– Candice Bergen


“From the hit-prone Carole Bayer Sager comes this delightful and funny tell-all crammed with famous names and famous songs. Every few pages you’ll say to yourself, ‘I didn’t realize she wrote that.’”

– Steve Martin


“Carole Bayer Sager braids together lyrics the way Venus and Serena spin aces – repeatedly, miraculously – and this book is one of the best, most lasting songs she has ever written.”

– Carly Simon

Carole Bayer Sager