Show Extended through December 15, 2012 At William Turner Gallery, Santa Monica

New Works: Paintings by Carole Bayer Sager

William Turner Gallery is pleased to announce that New Works, an exhibition of paintings by artist Carole Bayer Sager, has just been extended through December 15th. The show opened on Thursday, November 1st.   The exhibition features Bayer Sager’s evocative new series of paintings, which focus on abstracted subjects. Rich in color and sensual surface textures, the paintings range from micro to macro views of peanuts, popcorn and cracker-jacks, amongst others. These intimate and expansive perspectives create an intentional ambiguity, allowing viewers to more freely tap into their own associations.

According to Bayer Sager, “I have been surrounded by pop culture my entire life. I live it and add to it when writing songs. In my recent paintings, I am fascinated by studying small and often overlooked every day subjects, and enlarging them beyond their natural states, transforming them into something entirely new.”

Bayer Sager’s artistic progression began five years ago with mastering portraits and the human form. “When I first saw the portraits Carole was making and then found out how short a time she has been painting, I was very impressed,” says friend and painter Eric Fischl.  “Having taught painting, I know how rare it is for someone just beginning to be able to control the luminosity of flesh. Carole is one of those rare exceptions: a natural talent.”

William Turner adds, “That deep creative vein Carole has mined so successfully in music, turns out to have an incredibly strong branch of expression in visual art. “Carole’s gift for words has found a new source of expression in the sensuality of paint.  We are very pleased that the reaction to the work has been so positive, and that we are able to extend the run of the show.”
For more information about Bayer Sager and her artwork, visit www. carolebayersagerart .com.

Additional Information:

William Turner Gallery: 2525 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica, Calif.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 11a.m. to 5p.m.
Exhibition on view through December 15, 2012.
Visit www. williamturnergallery .com for more information.
Contact: Christine Anderson
Communication Arts + Design, Inc.
(310) 869-8597 or ca @

Carole Bayer Sager