I’m not sure why we labeled this section Ideas, because I feel like I should be writing down great ideas, which I’m not sure I often have. Perhaps Thoughts would be a better title, or Blog.

That said, I’m thinking a lot about the coming election and how it feels like this has been going on for so long now and we still have not chosen our candidates. It all feels a bit circus like to me, or a giant reality show.

Tonight there will be more primaries and more rhetoric but what we do know is by late July we will have selected two candidates to run against each other and eventually we will have a new President. Please God, one who can help united our very divided country.

In the meantime I will be finished with my memoir this week and it will go on sale in October. It has been quite a journey, over two years in the writing, and I have attempted to tell my story honestly and openly. I hope you will enjoy it and contact me with questions and thoughts. It can be pre-ordered now on Amazon, (what can’t?) or Barnes and Noble etc. Who ever dreamed you could buy a book on Amazon, while you buy your groceries, hair products, and kitchen equipment or practically anything you can possibly think of. Props to Jeff Bezos. Now that was a big IDEA. The IPhone was a big idea! Uber was a big Idea!

I think I will change this section to “Thoughts.”

And my last thought today is to wish you all a happy day, filled with love and light. If your day has not been going well, now is the time to set an intention to change your thinking, and focus on what you are grateful for in this life. That is what I try and do each day. Some days are more successful than others but that’s Life.

Thanks for reading this, and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter and updates as they come along.

Love to you,

Carole Bayer Sager